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Driving Lessons Erith

Our mission is customer success

<h2>Our mission is customer success<h2>

Our mission is Customer Success and with so many Driving Customer Reviews we prefer to let our customers do the talking.

To discuss your requirements or to check availability, please call Chloe at Customer Services on

Erith 07887 818521


Money back guarantee!

<h2>Money back guarantee!<h2>

No one else does this!

We are so confident that you'll love the driving tuition we provide that we will give you a massive £60 discount to 'Try Us and See'!

In the unlikey event you are not happy for any reason, your money will be refunded.


Driving Lessons Erith


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For your safety and reassurance, our driving instructors are CRB checked and FULLY qualified. Offer manual and automatic lessons.


Opeyemi Oyinsan from Erith

<h2>Opeyemi Oyinsan from Erith<h2>

“I chose KGS Driving School because I read a few positive reviews online and believed this driving school could build up my confidence in my ability to drive and pass my test.

I have been with one driving school in the past and KGS Driving School is far better, because my driving instructor Satnam takes his time to understand my learning style, and adapts the lessons to my understanding without slowing me down each lesson. The teach methods were catered to individual learning needs which made me feel very confident in my learning. I also had the freedom to choose what area of driving I wanted to practice each lesson. I would recommend KGS Driving School because the driving lessons are of value for money, and Satnam takes his time to break down any worries you might have about driving and turn them into goals”.


Learning by doing and problem-solving were very helpful for me during my driving lessons

<h2>Learning by doing and problem-solving were very helpful for me during my driving lessons<h2> “I was looking for a driving school where the driving instructor was patient, understanding and non-confrontational while still being professional. I had no great expectation for the driving lessons, given that my previous attempt to learn to drive was terrible. I read the reviews about KGS Driving School and Satnam Cheema, and thought I would give them a try. However, the experience was a good one and every driving lesson was positive and beneficial, an environment conducive for learning exceeding my expectations by far. The teaching methods were relevant and appropriate given my situation. Having driven before in another country and for over 8 years I needed to adjust to the different rules and context and unlearn somethings. ‘Learning by doing’ and ‘problem-solving’ were very helpful for me. So when I made a mistake it was not unusual for Satnam to have me go back to the spot where I made the error, observe other drivers and situations at the same location and have me figure out what I needed to do. This was really helpful instead of having someone talk or shout at me constantly as was my first experience learning to drive in the UK. The use of problem-solving was quite helpful for me as I made the adjustment from driving an automatic car – which I drove previously for 8 years. Instead of driving around for hours it was not unusual at the outset to have me practicing in quiet roads, working out the problem areas I had initially, especially clutch and gear control. Satnam was very patient and understanding and allowed me the time and space to figure it out myself which gave me the confidence I needed when on the road.  The use of the GROW method was very useful as it allowed me to be reflective as a learner driver helping to determine my weekly goals, while considering the realities and obstacles and determine how I would move forward. Doing this each week helped me to ensure that I was an active learner not just doing what was expected of me but being fully aware of what I can do and what I needed to do.   I would recommend KGS driving school to others because I had a positive experience and each driving lesson I felt was time and money well spent, even after very long and tiring days.”

Kerry from Erith


We let our customers do the talking for us

<h2>We let our customers do the talking for us<h2> Our Mission is "Customer Success" and with so many Customer Reviews we prefer to let our Customers do the talking. 


Anita Panigrahi from Erith

<h2>Anita Panigrahi from Erith<h2>

“When I searched on the internet about other driving schools, I found some that were very expensive, some weren’t local in my area, and some school’s pass ratios weren’t good.

So when I found KGS Driving School’s website, it looked very promising and impressive. So I choose it as my driving training provider. As a first time learner, I expected my driving instructor to be knowledgeable and friendly and expected that he should explain all the manoeuvres properly – and this is everything that Satnam, my driving instructor did, and more. I found that the teaching methods are directed according to my learning methods, which is very beneficial for me as I learn more during the lesson and it makes the lessons more enjoyable. Satnam explained everything in detail and guided me in each and every step.” 

Anita Panigrahi from Erith


Temitayo Ajayi Obe from Erith

<h2>Temitayo Ajayi Obe from Erith<h2>

"I got information on the driving school from the online reviews and this really influenced my decision to use KGS Diving School.

My previous experience with another driving school was quite poor and I was not making enough progress. During the lessons with KGS Driving School and with my driving instructor Satnam, I was encouraged to self-evaluate what I had done so I could assess what I was doing well and what I need to improve on. Satnam’s teaching methods are simple and easy to understand. I had to take on more responsibility as my progress was improving, which was good practice for the real life thing. The service of KGS Driving School is excellent, and the car is always clean and tidy, plus Satnam always treats you as an individual."

Temitayo Ajayi Obe from Erith


Learning to drive was great and it met all my expectations

<h2>Learning to drive was great and it met all my expectations<h2>

“I saw the online recommendations and because they were so good I thought I would give the driving school a go, as I did not have any success with others before.

Learning to drive was great and it met all my expectations.The teaching methods were straight to the point and the standards set were high. My test day went brilliantly as well! Learning to drive with KGS Driving School will save you money and motivate you to drive with confidence and safely”.

Precious Shumba, Erith


Practical Driving Test Pass: Precious Shumba from Erith

<h2>Practical Driving Test Pass: Precious Shumba from Erith<h2>

Congratulations to Precious Shumba from Erith on passing her practical driving test at the Erith test centre.

Precious is currently a student nurse at Canterbury Christ Church University. Her new licence will bring her independence for work purposes and will allow her to visit her friends and family.

Best wishes from your driving instructor Satnam and all the team at KGS Driving School.


Michael Segbafah from Erith

<h2>Michael Segbafah from Erith<h2>

"The driving instructor, Satnam, at KGS Driving School is very experienced and patient.

The instructor’s teaching method is to put you at ease and you learn something new each lesson, which is brilliant. Satnam and his driving school was highly recommended to me via friend, so glad they did. The driving experience with KGS Driving School went beyond my expectations. In simple words you are filled with so much confidence you know you will pass your practical test without doubt. The teaching methods were very practical and easy to adapt too. Your confidence on the road increases with each lesson taken. I will definitely recommend KGS to friend’s and family as I can clearly compare and differentiate this driving school from other school’s used in the past". 

Michael Segbafah, Erith


Practical Driving Test Pass: Micheal Segbafah from Erith

<h2>Practical Driving Test Pass: Micheal Segbafah from Erith<h2>

Congratulations to Micheal Segbafah from Erith who passed his practical driving test, at the Erith Test Centre.

Brilliant test, great work and a great person to teach!

Best wishes from your driving instructor Satnam and all the team at KGS Driving School.


Practical Driving Test Pass: William Martin from Erith

<h2>Practical Driving Test Pass: William Martin from Erith<h2>

Congratulations to William Martin from Erith who passed his practical driving test.

William Marin passed his practical driving test with only 3 driver faults, which is amazing! He is wokring and already has his own car. So he'll be driving around for social visits and to make sure he gets to work on time!

Best wishes from your driving instructor Satnam and all the team at KGS Driving School.


Practical Driving Test Pass: Jumoke Thompson from Erith

<h2>Practical Driving Test Pass: Jumoke Thompson from Erith<h2>

Congratulations to Jumoke Thompson from Erith on passing her practical driving test, at the Belvedere Test Centre.

Jumoke did so well and passed with only 3 driver faults. Jumoke is still studying at university but is looking to get her own car soon. Happy car hunting!

Good luck from your Driving Instructor Satnam Cheema and all the team at KGS Driving School.


The driving experience was really really good compared to what I thought it would be like learning to drive

<h2>The driving experience was really really good compared to what I thought it would be like learning to drive<h2>

“The KGS Driving School website is brilliant, you get the feeling that you will pass first time with all the great test passes and customer reviews.

The driving experience was really really good compared to what I thought it would be like learning to drive. My driving instructor Satnam has amazing teaching methods and I would definitely recommend him and KGS Driving School to all my friends”.

Jumoke Thompson, Erith


KGS Driving School - Customer Succes


To think that all driving instructors or driving schools are the same would be a massive mistake.

We offer a "Customer Success" approach to learning to drive to maximise your chances of a first time pass. All of your driving lessons will have a purpose and clear objective, so you know exactly what you are trying to achieve and how it will help you towards your goal of a gaining a full driving license.

We have lots of Test Passes on our website – why not take a look!

If you are thinking of learning to drive or are already taking driving lessons but want to change driving schools, now’s your chance to join a driving school that is focused on Customer Success!

Don’t just take our word for it, have a read of all our Customer Reviews to see what customers have to say.

Key note: If you do not have a definite objective for each of your driving lessons, then your learning period will almost certainly take you longer and cost you more of your hard earned money.

Customer Reviews tend to give an honest and balanced account of the customer experience.

Customer Reviews


Eunice Akpoza from Erith

<h2>Eunice Akpoza from Erith<h2>

“KGS Driving School was recommended to me by a friend and I chose to give it a go.

Learning to drive was quite different to what I expected, but Satnam was very good and very patient with me. He accessed how well I was doing at every lesson, and we always reviewed what we learnt in the last lesson which was very good. He also had a chart for me on things that we need to work on. I was at another driving school before I came to KGS.I found that Satnam’s methodology and the patience makes all the difference”

Eunice Akpoza, Erith.


Rachel Oluwateyo from Erith

<h2>Rachel Oluwateyo from Erith<h2>

"I chose to learn to drive with KGS Driving School because of all the good reviews i heard about from lots of different people.

I actually got the driving school number from a family member of mine. Learning to drive was really good and a lot better than I thought it would be. My driving instructor Satnam made learning to drive really easy and it helped that he was always so patient with me. Satnam is great - he is really good at his job and he understands what he teaches to students".

Rachel Oluwateyo, Erith


All our students can't be wrong!


It would be a BIG mistake to think that all Driving Schools are the same!

Try Us and See why we are the most liked driving school!


Temitope Oluwaseun from Erith

<h2>Temitope Oluwaseun from Erith<h2>

“KGS Driving School was recommended to me by a friend who had also learnt to drive with this driving school and passed their practical driving test with them.

It really did fit the bill and exceeded by expectations, as I found learning to drive relaxing, and my driving instructor Satnam’s methods of teaching were easy to comprehend. Satnam was always very patient and never once shouted or complained when I made mistakes; he just asked me questions and took me through a step by step guide on how to correct the mistake, and not make it again. KGS Driving School is great and so is the driving instructor Satnam – all should learn from him!”.

Temitope Oluwaseun, Erith


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Pass Your Practical Driving Test First Time!


7 Success Steps to a 1st Time Pass

No 1. Be Consistent With Your Driving Lessons: Try to take weekly driving lessons. Those students that take regular driving lessons learn SO much faster than those that don’t. Commit to two hour driving lessons if possible, you will learn a lot more and a lot faster. One hour driving lessons don’t really give you value for money.

NO.2. Be Prepared For Your Driving Lessons: It’s your driving lesson! Make the most of it. Being in the right frame of mind will give the best value for your money.

No 3. Your Driving Lessons Should Begin With A Recap Of Your Previous Lesson: Please don’t underestimate this very important point. Your driving instructor should ask you questions to confirm your understanding of your previous lesson. This helps you understand the theory behind your practical driving, and helps you pass faster.

No 4. The Lessons Objective: This is the most important element to your progress. It is absolutely vital that EVERY lesson has a definite objective. You must understand what will be covered in the current lesson and how it will move you forward towards each lesson. Driving around with no aim will increase your learning period and waste both your money and time.

NO 5. Your Driving Lessons Should Be Structured: Your Lessons should follow a structured path from very easy at the beginning and then increase in complexity as you progress. Your instructor should be encouraging you to develop by asking you relevant questions to check your understanding.

NO 6. Summary Of Your Driving Lesson:  What you discuss at the end of your lesson, I what you will remember from that lesson and will compound the retention of that newly gained knowledge and understanding. It’s 5 minutes at the end that is well worth it.

NO 7. Listen To The Advice Of Your Driving Instructor: Instructors are highly trained and experienced at assessing when you are ready for your driving test, you are paying for professional advice - So it would be wise to listen to it.

Also believe in your own abilities and make your 1st practical driving test, your only driving test.


We let our customers do the talking for us


You will benefit from fully structured driving lessons while you are learning to drive, affordable block booking discounts and friendly professional driving tuition to guide you too driving test success. You will also benefit from our very impressive pass rate, but don’t just take our word for it, take a look at all our reviews and test passes!

We let our customers do the talking.


Practical driving test pass: KR Reid from Erith

<h2>Practical driving test pass: KR Reid from Erith Congratulations to KR Reid from Erith (South East London) for passing her practical driving test at the Erith Test Centre. KR Reid had previous driving experience from when she lived in Jamaica before she started lessons with KGS Driving School. She is very happy that she has passed and excited to drive independently. Good luck from your driving instructor Satnam Cheema and the rest of the team at KGS Driving School.


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